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Precautions for bearing maintenance

1. Disassembly skills of bearing race

Some mechanical equipment is prone to damage the connecting rod bearing, and after the bearing is damaged, the outer ring is still kept in the connecting rod hole, so it is difficult to disassemble. Because all the steel in the outer ring is relatively hard, it is easy to slip when the hacksaw saws, but too hard knocking will damage the connecting rod. At this time, the connecting rod can be fixed on the vise. Through the socket head of the heavy-duty socket wrench, use the socket head on the side slightly larger than the size of the connecting rod bearing hole to counter at the connecting rod hole, and use the socket head on the side slightly smaller than the size of the connecting rod bearing hole to counter at the outer ring of the bearing. After that, appropriately increase the clamp strength and slowly press out the outer ring of the bearing.
Precautions for bearing maintenance
2. Problems of bearing itself

During the maintenance of mechanical equipment, the maintenance personnel shall fully grasp the corresponding bearing code, model and other information, and avoid using other models of bearings to replace the original bearings. At present, there are big quality differences between the bearings that can be bought in the market, and the occurrence rate of problems such as mixing fish and eyes and shoddy quality is high, and even some bearings will suffer from quality or performance degradation due to long storage time. Therefore, before the maintenance of mechanical equipment bearings and replacement of new bearings, it is necessary to comprehensively and accurately check the relevant information of bearings and test their performance Condition and appearance to improve bearing quality.

3. Do not install reversely

In the process of mechanical equipment maintenance, it is necessary to accurately grasp the direction requirements of mechanical bearings. Only the correct installation can provide guarantee for its operation. Because the external characteristics of some mechanical bearings are not very obvious, they can be installed in any direction, so the problem of reverse installation often occurs. Therefore, when assembling the bearing, the maintenance personnel need to fully understand and accurately grasp the installation and structural requirements of the bearing, and fully understand the relevant provisions of the manual, so as to ensure the accuracy and efficiency of the bearing maintenance work